Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surfing the Blog World and Transforming to a Different Kind of Writer

(That's me in Mexico. Not as cool as actual surfing, but at least I could stay on the board long enough for a picture)

For most of the people reading this I am new to the blogger world. My reason for starting this new blog is to renew my excitement for my W.I.P.. I love my story and the characters but I get distracted constantly. I've found that reading other writer's blogs helps me think about it in a new way and get motivated, even when it seems like the book is taking forever.

I've always been a writer. I'm sure you hear this from everyone. I used to take the creative writing duo-tangs they gave me in middle school and write way more than I had to. Short stories are so much fun! Then in high-school and university I daydreamed through my classes writing poems constantly. I liked doing this experiment where I would watch the teacher give the lesson and just write without thinking, all the words coming from my subconscious. Usually what came out were words my muscle memory was used to: the, and, whatever. The gibberish was weird but sometimes it read like a mad lib. The teachers thought I was overeager with note taking, or possessed.

My W.I.P. started as a one act play I wrote in University. I studied Fine Arts, mostly Drama.

(I was in the chorus of a production of H.M.S. Pinafore. I didn't take any pictures but here's an example from google.)

I wanted to be a play/screen writer and director. Now as I work on turning this story into a novel I realize it brings everything together. I get to create the background and plot and I can also direct on the page all the subtleties of how it will play out. I thought it would be easy to just transfer from one medium to another, but it feels like I'm starting from scratch.

As a stay at home mom I love the intellectual stimulation that it brings. Another thing I love to do is read as queries get torn apart. I used to critique and edit poetry and it's so similar. Every word has to count to create mood and get the point across, keeping it short.

As a side note - I want to thank Melanie for inspiring me to write a novel. She helped me realize that it wasn't impossible and could be fun.

To all the other bloggers out there I want to say - thank you for sharing.


  1. I also like to read the blogs to motivated, to write the problem is, I look at the clock and realize so much time as pasted that I'm too tired to write my WIP, or it's time to cook dinner like now. Oh well, I guess I'll try again after dinner. LOL

  2. You're welcome! Haha! It's great to be connected to other writers- I think we can all give each other motivation, inspiration, and much-needed help. Good luck with your WIP!