To Do

  • Finish W.I.P. Air to Ember
  • Write a query for Air to Ember
  • Have someone read my work and fall in love with the characters
  • Beta read or edit a book that eventually gets published
  • Have random people ask me to critique their work (because they think I'm that good :)
  • Work for a Literary Agency or Publishing Company
  • Write a new song
  • Remember the guitar for songs I've written
  • Train my voice back into a two octave range
  • Own a house
  • Watch either of my boys play basketball on a real team
  • Perform on stage as a main character
  • Watch either of my boys perform - music, theatre,dance, etc. in front of an audience
  • Write a score for a film or play
  • Write and finish a play
  • Learn to cook something other than chicken and broccoli curry casserole (without burning it)
  • Experience the perfect clean day - all the dishes and laundry washed and put away, floors and counters spotless, boys in bed - and still have time to lay in bed and watch two hours of my favourite shows.
  • Tour the Mediterranean (cruise?)
  • See ancient ruins across the world: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mayan, Incan. 
  • Go to New Zealand
  • See snow in the southern hemisphere (snowboarding in New Zealand maybe?)
  • Live on another continent for at least six months

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