Friday, July 12, 2013

Celebrate The Babes

Today I feel like all my babies are growing up in different ways. So today I want to celebrate being a mom and all the changes happening lately.

Celebrate the Small Things!

Silly R

  •  My big boy, R, lost his first tooth while camping last week. We thought he swallowed it, but then we heard that a little girl found it in the sand. Of course she was grossed out and threw it away but the tooth fairy made it work.
  • Baby K is getting so big. He rolls around all over the place and tried out the Jolly Jumper for the first time this week.
  • Middle T must be feeling left out because he's been extra hard to deal with this week. I guess that's a phase I have to deal with. Here's to celebrating when he grows out of it!
  • Oh, AND I'm still writing this week. Yay!

T getting married
so excited!


  1. Those are beautiful celebrations. I'm sure the tooth fairy is used to those types of situations. :) Hopefully your middle will find his niche and settle down soon. Great for writing! Writer’s Mark

  2. The tooth fairy is prepared for all.... Sounds like your kids are doing great!

  3. What a beautiful family!
    Stopping by from VikLit's hop. I hope you'll keep celebrating with us!