Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This week's Road Trip Wednesday asks:

What themes, settings, motifs, scenes, or other elements do you find recurring in your work?

I have noticed in my WIP and short stories that they are all set in mountains.
It's such beautiful landscape and anything could be hiding around the corner.

Another element that I always use is mystery. I love to hide things from the reader. I usually overdo it to the point of being confusing (until my beta reader lets me know that she has no idea what's going on).  I just always try to bait the reader a long, giving little bits at a time, even in scenes when I probably don't need to.
What about you? What kind of elements or themes do you notice in the different writing you've done?


  1. I'm a mountain girl too. Which range is that?

  2. I love the forest! It seems like all my stories take place there.

  3. There's just something a little mysterious about the mountains. It's always a great setting.

  4. Let's see. There's always a ghost or someone other than the main character to help them out of their situation.

  5. I don't often use the mystery element, but sometimes i like to. I'm usually very straightforward and go into great detail to explain things: Lots of adjectives and things. But, it always depends on what I'm writing.

  6. Love this post - especially the forest photo. I often use the sea as a setting.
    JoAnna (Helen Clancy)

  7. Beautiful photo! I always find some sort of mythical element slipping into my stories, even the contemporary ones :)