Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Stars of the Show

When I first began the process of turning a very short play into a novel series the second thing I did was spend weeks just researching my characters - developing background, the physical features that go along with that, and personalities. (the first thing I did was spend two seconds deciding to switch from historical fantasy to contemporary fantasy). After having such a clear image of who these characters were and what they would do in certain situations I finally felt ready to write. I still haven't stopped obsessing over them, perfecting the details. To me the characters are more important than anything else.

Let me introduce you to my two POV's. They have very opposite personalities, so it'll be a project making sure the two voices are just that different. I love them already!


After changing my Vee model many times over the months I finally found one with the perfect features. Although being a model, Lisa Porter is way too tall.
Eyes: blue-grey
Hair: deep red. Thick and wavy
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 108 pounds
Heritage/ethnicity/original home: mountains of Ireland
Age appearance: with her youthful face and maturity people would guess anywhere between 16 and 28
Occupation: Doctor, herbalist
Affinity: Earth

Vee is passionate. Whether it's love or fury, she does it with intensity - or she used to. Years ago she lived with no regrets, but being in hiding for too long makes her feel numb. She's impulsive and likes the occasional date but any hint of commitment and she's off. It goes against her natural personality but Vee's been hurt before and she's not letting her emotional guard down again. Another reason to try to control her emotions is that her temper can do dangerous things when her abilities get involved.

Side Note: I know I'd be the first to comment on the overly done 'fiery redhead'. I swear I planned to write her as a brunette from France at first. Through researching her family and background it just made too much sense to fight it.


This is the closest I could find to Ex. I picture his chin a little slimmer. Supermodel Stan Jouk is probably too HOT to play Ex, although Ex is a cutie too.
Eyes: Steel-blue
Hair: Dark blonde, shaved
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 167 pounds
Heritage/ethnicity/original home: Sarmatian, Ukraine and southern Russia
Age appearance: about 22-26
Occupation: so far the clues point to hunter
Affinity: Sky

At the risk of sounding cliche I would describe Ex as the "strong, silent type". He keeps his thoughts and feelings bottled and tends to stay calm and collected most of the time, analyzing the situation. Ex loves deeply and is very loyal and trusting to those he cares about, trying to give the benefit of the doubt. Ex is a gentleman, considerate to the feelings of others. He is eager to learn and enjoys the beauty of what's around him.

Side Note: Okay he sounds too perfect and sweet. He has flaws too: claustrophobia (so he's not always calm), trusting to a fault, a little possessive since he's more the commitment type.

Does anyone else obsess like this about their characters?
Just thinking about these pictures - I wish I could get the models to come over and make weird faces for the camera.

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  1. You know I obsess over mine! I'm constantly on the lookout for a newer actor who would make the perfect Alric or Jessica or any of them! That's not how I pictured Ex at all- it just goes to show you how we all have different ideas of what a character looks like.