Friday, July 12, 2013

Celebrate The Babes

Today I feel like all my babies are growing up in different ways. So today I want to celebrate being a mom and all the changes happening lately.

Celebrate the Small Things!

Silly R

  •  My big boy, R, lost his first tooth while camping last week. We thought he swallowed it, but then we heard that a little girl found it in the sand. Of course she was grossed out and threw it away but the tooth fairy made it work.
  • Baby K is getting so big. He rolls around all over the place and tried out the Jolly Jumper for the first time this week.
  • Middle T must be feeling left out because he's been extra hard to deal with this week. I guess that's a phase I have to deal with. Here's to celebrating when he grows out of it!
  • Oh, AND I'm still writing this week. Yay!

T getting married
so excited!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Celebrate WordSprints

Today I feel like doing a post. After so long, just writing this post is something to celebrate. Even better than that?

I started writing again. Yay!

A few months before having baby K I stopped reading or writing. Somehow anything other than watching TV was too much work. But this week I managed to write 4 days in a row. For me that's a record!
I'm still forgetting about things (like grammar), but I'm happy to get down all the words. I'm forcing myself to just write and stop thinking so much.

A part of what's been helping me are wordsprints. I can do all my writing for the day in only two half hour sprints (babe only sleeps that long anyways) AND I get to share that small achievement with others doing the same thing, if it's on twitter that day. Win, Win.

So thank you internet/twitter for making me get moving and just WRITE!