Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pompeii - Road Trip Wednesday

Today's question on Road Trip Wednesday:
 What is the most inspiring setting you've ever visited in real life?

There are so many places I've been that are beautiful and inspiring and even more places where I'd like to go. If I really think about it though, this is an easy answer. There is one place especially that had my imagination running wild picturing the stories of people who lived there.

Pompeii - The Forgotten City

In 79 AD the volcano Mount Vesuvius erupted, burying the Roman city of Pompeii.

Thick layers of ash kept the city in a frozen state for nearly 1700 years. When it was accidentally discovered in 1749 everything was perfectly preserved: the artwork, mosaics, even . . .

The cast of a couple caught in the ash
I wonder about people like this, where they lived. What the culture was like. Did they love each other?
A home
People had to cross the street on raised stones because sewage often ran down the streets.
A fountain

Have you been anywhere inspiring? Is there anywhere you want to go? (research for a novel is a good excuse)


  1. I watched a documentary about Pompeii when I was little. It gave me nightmares. My parents had to reassure me multiple times that the mountain behind our house was not going to erupt. It's a haunting place. I'd love to see it.

    As for me, there's a deep, steep canyon behind the Grand Tetons that I camped at the top of when I was fifteen. (I think it's called Death Canyon, or something similarly cool to a teenage boy.) It was breathtakingly beautiful. I sat looking down as shadows filled the canyon and nearly cried. I think it helped that I'd hiked for days to get there.

  2. I loved Pompeii. Visiting it is such a strange experience. It's beautiful, historic, sad and melancholic. A great choice.

  3. That couple is so sad and sweet.

  4. Such pretty pics! I live in Washington State, and I'm a bit of snob when it comes to the PNW. I truly think I live in the best place on Earth, so traveling other places isn't a huge deal to me...unless it's Hawaii. I LOVE Hawaii. Aloha!

  5. These are certainly inspiring. There are so many places I want to go... little kids make it hard though. I wish I'd travelled more when I was younger.

  6. Wow moving pictures <3 from a new follower

  7. Kelly, Christine, and Crystal - I'm glad you liked my choice - and thanks for commenting!

    Ben - I have to agree. There's nothing like hiking all day with a 40 pound backpack and finally stopping to rest on a mountainside over looking the valley.

    E.R. King - Them's fightin' words! Haha. I'm from Alberta and would say the Canadian Rockies are the most beautiful place in the world (my WIP is set there). Although you're as close as you can get and still live in the States.

    Beck - I was lucky enough to get to travel with my parents before having kids. Now if we do travel it's to somewhere less historical and more beachy (which is nice too)

  8. Emily I sent you an award. COme on over to grab it!